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2016-09-14 13:56 #0 av: noelryn

Hi everyone my name is Noel and I am a keramik artist from Ireland, I am currently looking to rent a space in a keramik studio and I am not having ,I have luck I wrote here hoping that some one could maybe help me or point me in the right direction thank you, Noel

2016-09-14 14:45 #1 av: Niklas

What part of Sweden are you interested in finding a studio in?

Vänliga hälsningar, Niklas
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2016-09-15 11:25 #2 av: noelryn

I live in Stockholm so any where in Stockholm would be great

2016-09-17 10:20 #3 av: ajohdesign

Hey Noel,

We have a place in our ceramic studio (no wheel studio) to rent wednesdays and fridays. Contact me if it sounds intresting!


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