2017-03-05 11:01 #0 av: morenique

We have a beautiful, relaxing, instagram-friendly :) studio on Lundagatan.46, Södermalm in Stockholm. We (the owners: Alex and Kinga) are hobby-ceramicist, we both have a part-time job and we rent out our studio on the days we are not there (weds, fri, sat).

We are currently a great group of 6 people sharing the space on different days and we have 1 place left for someone to rent on Fridays. You would probably be sharing the studio on Fridays with 1 or max 2 more people. 

We are looking for someone who is tidy, organised, good with cleaning after her/himself and does ceramic as a hobby.

We are a no-wheel studio meaning we have no wheel (and not going to get one either). So everyone is working with handbuilding, slab-method, sculpting...

In our studio you would have the opportunity to use our big tables, working surfaces with your own tools (!), get space in our bisque and glaze firing kiln (or even rent the whole kiln for yourself), and even have the possibility to sell your works in our shop area. 

For more info please contact us via email: hello@keramihackers.se or phone 0704199729 (Kinga)

Hope to hear from you 

Kinga & Alex