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kollektivverkstad / shared ceramic studio Sthlm

2017-11-30 10:26 #0 av: morenique


I am looking for English and/or Swedish speaking hobby or professional ceramicists who would be interested in sharing a space to work with clay AND to offer ceramic courses and workshops on a weekly basis to others from total beginners to advanced level. I am a marketing professional with a strong interest in ceramics and have been managing a studio and organising ceramic courses in Stockholm for a year now. I got a great demand for workshops, but I ended up being the marketer/organizer/teacher, etc all in one which took too much of my time and I would love to share that work and possible income with others. I would like to build a community of like minded, creative, inspiring individuals who would be interested in supporting each other as a group, learning from each other, sharing a ceramic studio and offering workshops/courses for outsiders to earn some extra income. I am now selling my 50 sqm ceramic studio and planning to find and rent a bigger space, hopefully not alone. Contact me if interested to discuss further :)

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